Since 1972, I have been used in the service of the Kingdom of God.  What a privilege!  What joy!  So undeserved, yet I AM so grateful.

Here’s the short list of Churches and Ministries served in for my Jesus:

Bus Ministry Director. First Baptist Church, Richland, MS, 1972-1973;  Oversaw 250 children who rode on 14 buses;

Staff Evangelist. First Baptist Church, Richland, MS, 1973 and again in1979;

Associate Pastor, Youth Minister. Immanuel Baptist Church, Columbus, MS,  1975;

Pastor. Center Grove Baptist Church, Maben, MS,  1975-77;

Associate Pastor, Dir. of TV programming. First Baptist Church, New Albany, MS,  1977-78;

Pastor. Clark Street Baptist Church, a Mission of FBC, New Albany, MS,  1977-78;

Executive Producer. Southern Baptist Radio and Television Commission, 1978-79; Produced “MasterControl”, an international radio program heard by a potential 20 million listeners each week;

Evangelist. Buster Wilson Evangelism and as staff evangelist, First Baptist Church, Richland, MS, 1979; conducted revivals and crusades all over the nation;

Founding Pastor. Community Baptist Church, Laurel, MS, 1980-86; Built new church facilities, grew the church from 40 to 120;

Pastor. Friendship Baptist Church, Sturgis, MS, 1989-91;

Associate Pastor. Highpoint Baptist Church, Raymond, MS, 1999;

Evangelist. CrossWalker Ministries and the Mississippi Crosswalk, Jackson, MS, 1999-2001.  Walked 980 miles in MS with a 12 foot wooden cross as part of the Celebrate Jesus national movement of Mission America;

Pastor. Friendship Baptist Church, Ecru, MS, October 2001-April 2010.  Led the church to build all new church facilities in a $2.3 million project; started new children’s ministries, hired and directed an expanded church staff;  expanded the church media ministry; started the first online web ministry; had 2 years with some of the highest number of additions in the church;

Pulpit Interim.  Hope Church of Tupelo, MS.  From Dec. 25, 2011 till September 2012.  This great church needed someone to help with the pulpit ministry while searching for a new pastor.  It was my privilege to teach God’s Word at this wonderful fellowship on Sunday mornings for nearly 9 months.  Hope Church is about 27 years old, very mission minded, and an innovative and powerful church.  Running nearly 400 or 500 in worship, they have graduated Scooter Noland to the position of Lead Pastor.

American Family Radio.  American Family Radio, Tupelo, MS, 2001-2013. General Manager of the Radio networks (200 stations strong in 35 states), Voice talent on radio and internet and satellite TV networks; Host of AFA TODAY, heard each Monday through Friday at noon central.  AFA Today is a talk show with conservative, Christian worldview analysis of the issues of today, with an emphasis on the many ministries and outreaches of the American Family Association. Buster has been tagged by the liberal left media as one of the most prominent talk show hosts on the religious right (That’s assessing me way too highly, but hey, it was their perspective and their words!).

Sr. Pastor, New Prospect Baptist Church, Oxford, MS.  God has so graciously given me an opportunity to become the pastor of this fine church in the historic Yocona community.  This community is where my wife’s dad grew up. In fact, NPBC was her grandmother’s charter church!  Mrs. Ila Welch (The grandmother that Pat is named after) was one of the founding members of NPBC! We run about 200 each Sunday morning; have a powerful AWANA ministry; Staff one of the larger more active youth ministries in our county; and are just good ole country folk who love Jesus and are learning from His Word how to love Him and each other more and more!  Our “motto” is CONNECT, GROW AND SERVE.  We are to Connect with Jesus and Each other; We are to GROW in His Word and in our relationships with each other; And we are to SERVE each other in the church, and those in our world with the witness of Jesus our Lord!

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