Media Career

Where I’ve Played and People that were willing to Pay me for it:

Here’s Just some of my resume.  I’ve been in radio/broadcasting for41 Years! In that time, I’ve co-owned stations, managed several, was programmer of a few, did mostly morning shows on the air, and worked very hard to get Contemporary Christian Music stations the place at the big table they deserved!

I won’t bore you with it all.  I’ll just bore you with a little of it!

American Family Radio – May 2001 – May 2013

I’ve been on the air as a voice personality.  I was with AFR part time for 8 years;  I was full time with the network and was there for 12 years total.  I was heard daily on all of the stations as host on The AFA TODAY.  I’ve done just about everything that can be done at AFR so far and In 2010 I got the privilege of being appointed the General Manager of the entire radio network.   I left AFR in the summer of 2013 to return to full time preaching teaching of God’s Word.

WSCO – Taylorsville, MS

My very first – that’s ALL you want to know about this one!! I think the Lord there are no air check tapes of me on the air from those days!

WRBC – Jackson, MS

My very first Big Market station. Had one half of the number one show in Jackson (I was 16!)

WWUN – Jackson, MS

WRBC’s number one competitor. I thought I was big enough to move up to the “other guys. Problem was, the “other guys” were NEVER as good as the “good guys” were!

WJDX – Jackson, MS

Worked in the News Dept. under Randy Bell. I thank Randy for tolerating my inability to read news in those days.  I think I’ve gotten better.

WJMI – Jackson, MS

Was the “FMer” of WRBC.  (Back then, 1971, FM was nothing.  AM was King!) My first FM station and I was disappointed they put me on it!  I wanted to be on the AM station!  Oh, how the times have changed!

Spirit 106 – Jackson, MS

Brand new 50 thousand watt FM/ CCM Station in Jackson, MS.  Morning Show and Sales Director

Spirit 98 / WMXI – Hattiesburg, MS

Actually built and put this one back on the air.  Became the Number one Christian station in South MS (The Pine Belt) in 1997-98. Was a sister station to Spirit 106.

WHJT – Clinton, MS

Actually built this one and put it on the air with Walt Grayson.   First morning show guy! Owned by MS College, first full power radio station for this school.

WKOR – Starkville, MS

Afternoon drive while at Miss. State!  Loved this station! KOR = The King of Rock! This was the powerhouse station for the college students at Mississippi State University.  Was too detrimental to my spiritual life as it contributed to too much ego!

WLSM – Louisville, MS

Converted this one from country to Contemporary Christian.  Got a friend to produce a jingle package that sounded just like the old, “WLS Chicago” jingle package.  We branded ourselves as “WLS” on the air and used the package.  It sounded GREAT!! (Only Old Timer radio folks will get this one!)

B-95 – Laurel/Hattiesburg, MS

The B-95 Breakfast Club with Malia Tucker. Pine Belt Country B-95! We had the Number one morning show in Mississippi for two years, and was nominated for The Country Music Association’s (CMA) Small Market Station Morning Show of the Year, twice!  (Never won, but it was an honor to be nominated anyway!!)

KLTY – Dallas, TX

My first major market gig.  Was the morning show producer for Jon Rivers.  Also worked on “20 the Countdown Magazine” as first writer/producer.

WCFB – Turn On The Light! – Tupelo, MS

Revamped CCM Station.  Was Arbitron’s HIGHEST RATED CHRISTIAN STATION IN THE NATION, 1988! (We had a 12.2 share of our market!) Became the Number 4 station in North MS.  Had a great crew, out of which came J.J. Jasper, Terry Gann, and Sherry Black, all AFR team members.

Board Member – NRB, Memphis, TN

I was for one year a regional board member of the Religious Broadcaster’s Association, Memphis, TN.

Some of my syndicated work:

MasterControl and At Home With the Bible – Fort Worth, TX

Two programs with the Southern Baptist Radio and Television Commission (the agency that handled at that time, all media for the denomination).  I was the Executive Producer of both shows (Radio) which were heard by a potential 20 million worldwide each month.

20 The Countdown Magazine – Dallas, TX

This was a 2 hour top 20 Contemp. Christian music countdown program hosted by Jon Rivers of KLTY (currently, K-Love).  Iwas the first writer/producer of this program, that is now the standard Christian music countdown program on radio!

Logos Alive – Laurel, MS

A weekly Christian teaching program on WNSL FM.

Logos Alive – Tupelo, MS

A Christian music station consulting agency.  I consulted several Christian radio stations around the MidSouth because of our great success at WCFB.

Some of my Radio Honors:

Highest Rated Morning Show in Miss.

Had the number one show (Arbitron) in MS with Malia Tucker on B95 for two years in a row.

CMA Small Market Morning Show of the Year Nomination

Had nominations two years in a row for the Country Music Association’s Small Market Morning show of the year, with Malia Tucker; The B95 Breakfast Club.

Highest Rated Christian Station in the Nation

Hard to believe, I know. But Arbitron called ME (As the GM of WCFB) to let me know that our latest county by county book (Spring, 1988, Lee Co. MS) showed us with the highest numbers of any Christian station in the nation.  We had a 12.2 share of our market, beating 10 FM’s and making us number 4 in North Miss.  WCFB was a daytime only, 1000 watt directional AM station, absolutely the worst possible radio facility you could ever have!!And yet we proved that if you build one right (program it like it should be programmed), they will come!

NRB Regional Board Member – Memphis, TN

Was a regional board member of the National Religious Broadcaster’s Association, meeting in Memphis, TN

Several Miss. Assocaition of Broadcaster’s Awards.

Our morning show at B95 won several awards from the MAB.  I won personally several MAB awards for best 30 second commercial and best 60 commercial.  I also won the Best of Convention award for short version documentary program.

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