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bwilson-the-radio-deskDr. Buster Wilson (Doctorate of Ministry)  has been a pastor and evangelist, and law enforcement officer. He most recently served as the General Manager of the American Family Radio Networks. Buster currently serves as the Sr. Pastor of the New Prospect Baptist Church in the historic Yocona Community 7 miles out from Oxford, Mississippi.  This wonderful church was his wife’s grandmother’s charter church!  It is very near where Pat and Buster will make their retirement home.  He considers the opportunity to Pastor this wonderful “flock” of folks one of the greatest privileges of his life!

Married for 38 years to the former Pat Robertson of New Albany, MS, Buster freely confesses that she is the greatest wife, mother and pastor’s wife in the world!  She was recently voted by her peers as the TEACHER OF THE YEAR at an elementary school where she taught. She now teaches First Grade in a school system near the Church.

For nearly 13 years, Buster worked with the American Family Association in Tupelo, MS.  He eventually became the General Manager of the 200 radio station network.  He worked part time for ten of those years while pastoring a local church in nearby Ecru, MS.

Buster took a 12 foot wooden Cross and in 2000 walked with it to and through as many cities and towns as he could in his home state of Mississippi.  He did this as a part of the celebration of the year 2000 in conjunction with Mission America’s “Celebrate Jesus 2000” and in cooperation with the Mississippi Baptist Convention.  He walked over 900 miles; spoke in 62 churches and on all major Miss. Colleges and University campuses; He handed out thousands of Gospel Tracts, and saw many come to Christ.

They have two of the greatest daughters two parents could ever have: Amberly Anne Collins who is married to Matt, and their sons, our two GrandBoys, Wilson Franklin Collins (Wil Franklin) and James Henry Collins.  They live in the Jackson, MS area; and Sarah Whitney, their youngest, is married to Duane Blomberg.  She and Duane make their home in beautiful Chattanooga, TN.  Duane is a small business owner and Whitney is well on her way to becoming the youngest Regional Director in the Mary Kay Business!  We are SO proud of the wonderful, Godly Young Men and Women that our girls and their husbands have become!

Buster also writes on his law enforcement blog at http://www.bluelinechaplain.wordpress.com. Buster has pastored many churches since 1975, and is known for his Biblical preaching/teaching, and his emphasis on the Holy Spirit’s presence and ministry among the church today.  If you would like to have Buster come speak to your church, special group, or community, please don’t hesitate to contact him today.  Find his contact information on the Fast Connect page.

Buster began riding the motorcycle in 2006. He was an avid rider until he sold his bike a couple of years ago.   He became an accepted member of the Bikers For Christ network of riding believers nationwide and hopes to begin riding again soon!

Not too long ago, Buster went back into Law Enforcement, becoming a certified volunteer Deputy with the Lee County Sheriff’s Department and serves as Chaplain there.  He is a graduate of the Mississippi and Texas Law Enforcement Police Academies and has served with many departments, often as chaplain. As such, he is a fully certified, sworn deputy sheriff.  He loves spending time riding with the members of the Lee Co. Sheriff’s Department. HOWEVER, He is on his way to being officially “Retired” from his law enforcement career, obtaining a “Retired Certification” as a member of the Lee County Sheriff’s Department.  He is forever indebted to Sheriff Jim Johnson and Chief Deputy John Hall for their support of his ministry and for making him a life long member of the Lee S.O. Family!

You can email him at “buster@reagan.com”. Also, check him out on Face Book (drbusterwilson) and on the Face Book Fan Pages, busterwilson.  Join him and comment/post often.   Also, please follow Buster’s posts daily on Twitter.  Find him by searching for, “@busterwilson” all one word and keep up with his daily activities.  The fast link to the blog site is “busterwilson.org”.  You can now also watch his Biblical Worldview comments via often video posts on his “Logos Alive Conversations” touchcast Channel – http://www.touchcast.com/logos_alive

Thanks for checking out the site and come back often!

8 thoughts on “About Buster

  1. Dear Dr. Wilson,
    I listen to you and Meeke most mornings. One Sunday night about midnight I was half asleep but partly heard an author-interview program. I have written & had published “Saul of Tarsus: a docu-novel.” Can you give me the contact information for a radio host who does interviewss with book authors. Thank you very much.
    Sincerely yours,
    P. David Lusk

  2. Only in the u.s. would people vote in a president who stood on a platform early in his candidacy and refused to pledge the U.S. flag. And now people wonder that he doesn’t care if our flag is torn down and desecrated and our embacy is burned and our ambassador murdered. He is anti American.

  3. I was just wondering who that was in the intro that says all God asks is faithfullness. Id like to.find out who that is. Thankyou

  4. I don’t think the presidency will be enough for Obama I think he wants to rule the world. One world government, just thankful I know the real Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

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