Well, looky here……

I was called a “crazy birther,”!
Well doggie! I do remember reporting on the radio network I was on at the time, that his grandmother said on camera he was born in Kenya. “I was there!”, she said….not long before she died. Not saying anything about that, just time-lining it for us.
And look what his brother hath wrought…….

Now you may ask, “why on earth does it matter now?” Well, I’ll tell you why it matters.
He and his organization, Organizing For America (OFA), are causing and paying for and organizing ALL of this oppositional confusion and anarchy and soft coup that we see directed towards President Trump since the election. He made Presidential restructuring Executive Orders just days before he left office in January that has made all of this “leaking” happen that we’re hearing about. He will not let go of the office that he most likely, I said “most likely”, didn’t deserve to have in the first place! He is causing, again, a soft coup and an atmosphere of anarchy for this presidential administration that we the American people shouldn’t have to endure! In fact, his bugging of Trump tower as the opposing party’s sitting president, is almost pushing us toward a Constitutional crisis!

To those who still wish to call me a “birther” let me say this: If everything is hunky-dory with his birth, then everything would be ok with his TRUE birth certificate (there is MUCH scientific EVIDENCE that what they gave the news media, is a fraud!). And everything would be ok with his college records and other personal documents as well. But still to this day, there are MILLION$ being spent to keep his college records or lack thereof, sealed and confidential! Why?
The left who screams “birther” is also screaming for Trump to release his tax returns.
I’d say President Trump should release his tax returns…..just as soon as Obama releases all of the personal records of his time as President, that the people of the United States deserve to have!

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