Don’t Be Fooled by the Ruskies

It’s really getting a little tiring…….

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the constant barrage of reporting that the Trumpsters are owned by the Russians. There is absolutely ZERO evidence that Trump or anyone connected to him colluded at all with the Russians, or violated any campaign rules or laws during the Presidential campaign.  Just NONE! Zero. Nada. Zilch.

And this stuff about the new AG, Jeff Sessions actually meeting with the Russian ambassador to conspire about how to do Hillary in, and then lying about it, is just hogwash!

Here’s why:

First of all, he DID meet with the Russian Ambassador……JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER CONGRESSMAN DID!  It’s very interesting to go on line and look at all the pictures of the Democrats that also met with the Ambassador from Siberia as US Congressmen and women did for a variety of reasons!  And get this: the Russian ambassador in question actually SAT WITH THE DEMOCRATS during Trump’s speech to Congress last week! (More about that in a moment!)

And as far as dear ole brother Jeff lying about having met with the Ambassador, well, it’s only a lie if you give the wrong answer to the right question, err, or you give the right answer but the wrong question…..oh never mind.  But what Jeff was asked under oath in his appointment hearings was if he has met with anyone from Russia during the campaign in order to COLLUDE TOGETHER TO STICK IT TO HILLARY and cause her to lose and Trump to win!  He said “NYET!” And that was no lie!  Yes, he DID met with their Ambassador, but only in the course of his regular congressional duties, NOT as a Trump representative to work with him to undo Hillary!

Liaten, all of this Russia/Trump/Caused ole Hill to lose stuff is just Democratic sour grapes over losing the election!

But NOW, actually, it COULD a little more!

The new revelations of the past few days that show President Obama BUGGED Trump Tower DURING the campaign, is evidence of their Coup assurance being installed before the vote!  They wanted Hillary to win cause she would be Obama 2.0.  President Obama stated many times that if he could run a third term, he’d win.  So, He wanted a 3rd term and couldn’t get it.   He therefore, was doing everything he could to make this presidency look miserable, incompetent and defeated, so that his 8 years will look better than they do.  He’s planned and IS executing a soft coup against this president! He bugged to get dirt.  Ah, but no one has produced any dirt yet, have they?

He bugged the man’s office and campaign headquarters.  There doesn’t appear, at least at this point, that there was court approval for the bugging ( which you have to have, dude!).  So if THAT IS true, it would make this bigger than any scandal to ever hit Washington!  Not only would it be a political scandal to end all political scandals, but it quite possibly could throw this nation into the worst Constituional crisis of our history!

And what about the Russian Ambassador actually sitting, slap dab in the middle of the Democrats during Trump’s congressional speech last week?!?  If the Trumpsters were in collusion with the Russians as all of the Democrats are demanding that they are, wouldn’t the Russian Ambassador  be sitting in that honored seat next to Melania!  So, if he was the guest of the Democrats and was given their honored seat amongst them at the speech, does that mean that the Democrats are really the ones colluding with the Russians? In their attacks on the Trumpmeister? Humm. Makes you go humm.

Don’t get wrapped up in believing that all of the Trump machine is nothing but incompetent boobs who aren’t smart enough to know that they shouldn’t talk to the Russians about hurting Hill’s campaign.  They are not only smart enough to know not to do it, but they just didn’t do it.  (No evidence from no one!)

I hate to say it but we must take everything that the Democrats say today with a very small grain of salt.  Trust Trump to be a good President.

He will make America Great Again!

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