Let me tell you what I think about the Eagle Makers….

Let me tell you what I believe about this gender identity stuff and give you three reasons why the Boy Scouts of America are completely, in every possible way, wrong, wrong, wrong about this policy!
1. You cannot change your gender. You can change the way you live out your gender but you CANNOT change it! If you were born a girl, there will ALWAYS be female DNA in every cell of your body! No amount of surgery, hormones or reassignment by the Boy Scouts or anyone else will ever be able to truthfully change your gender!

2. When I announced on TV and radio about five years ago that the homosexual radicalists were out to get our children, THIS by itself proves I was right, though I was maligned and hated and called every unspeakable name from hell simply for speaking the Truth!
3. Why, you may ask, Why are we hearing so much about gender and transgenderism and such these days? Have you ever wondered just WHY it’s all we hear now? It’s because ever since the garden, the devil has been trying to undo what God, “Hath said…”! Eve said, “God told us that if we eat this fruit we will surely die….“. The devil said, “Naw! You won’t die…..God knows you’ll be like Him, that’s all….”. In other words, what God said isn’t right! The devil has been attacking the Word of God ever since!

God said that He, “hath created man and woman in His image, male and female created He them….” The devil is saying to man, “Naw, heck! You tired of blue jeans? You can wear a dress! If you really want to, you can be whatever gender you want!” Once again, the devil is getting away with saying, “GOD IS WRONG. He didn’t just create you male and female. You CAN BE any gender you want, even be something we’ve never even thought of before. Why, make up your own gender if you want. And we will, by the force of political correctness at first, make everyone accept you that way! But then, BY LAW, we’ll force all to accept the gender you create for yourself, whether they want to or not!”

The leaders of the BOY (which are now some Boys and then some transgendered females who dress like, act like and think like boys but who really aren’t, genetically; they’re just girls who wanna be boys) Scouts of America, have given themselves over to the antiGod, antiBible, politically correct demands and pressure of the less than 3% of our Country that are Homosexual activists with the long range agenda of winning our children over to their perverted cause!

Don’t give me any of this, “you’re just missing the point of the children, the precious children who are ravaged by the torments of gender identity crisis’…..we must love them and help them feel accepted and normal……”! 

What we must do is teach these precious children that they are children created by GOD, either male or female, and that the unnatural urges that tear at their souls are the work of the evil one! We must lovingly tell them that they’ve been caught up in the middle of a war that rages between God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and earth, and the fallen angelic enemy of the ages, the devil himself! They have become pawns between the Truth and those who skillfully machete the Truth with his lies and distortions. Everlasting TRUTH is found freely in God’s Holy Word, where we clearly read that you were NOT mistakenly put in the wrong gendered body!! He actually created you in HIS image, not by random choice that is oft times mistaken, but truly created as either male or female! He has fearfully and wonderfully created us all to be one or the other!  

We must take God’s Truth and fearlessly march in the battle tracks of God’s love to rescue the hurting masses, swooning away from understanding the most basic of all normality because of the devil’s lies! Yes, You’ll be attacked, lied about, called the most awful of names, and accused of doing or being things you’d never even thought of! But it’s ok.  
As a preacher I heard this week say, you’ll be hated by the masses but loved by the Master! Get over your fear of man and what he’ll say about you, and start standing tall and strong for the TRUTH, worrying only about what God says about you!
Pray for our Boy Scouts! Pray for the young women who’ve been caused to be confused about the most basic of all identity factors; whether we are male or female! Pray for them. And then, Pray for all those who are leading them astray in this cause, that they might repent before Almighty God long before it’s everlastingly too late for anyone to repent!

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