So, Ole Miss now takes away “Dixie”?

I know not why I choose to submit myself to what I know will come, but I MUST SPEAK to this.
First, the STATE FLAG, now DIXIE……and I’ve heard there’s a move on to destroy all confederate statutes and memorials…..I do not wish to offend anyone, I hope my comments are as INCLUSIVE as possible, but..,,,.THIS STINKS, OLE MISS! This just simply Stinks!

(Not for nothing, but is there any concern at all for those who are OFFENDED by these actions, those for whom I suspect would be the majority of our population?)

This is NOT a “black and/or white” thing. It is HISTORY. You cannot, through these kinds of actions, wipe away our unique history, nor change what happened!

To the black community that is offended by these “hurtful” reminders……may I suggest (as a white man who I’m sure you will argue just doesn’t get it), may I humbly suggest that we use this past historical record to thank God for how far we’ve come as a society? While whites should use the Ole South’s historical reminders to remind us to not forget the BAD as well as the good of our past? Hoping all the while that we learn from it as well.

I LOATHE THE SECOND WORLD WAR THAT GAVE MY DAD 2 PURPLE HEARTS, but I would never wish to do away with the many WWII memorials. And while I wouldn’t wish to rise up here at home any memorials to the Japanese/German causes that lead to my dad’s injuries, I will admit that that this entire WWII example is apples and oranges! You see, the Civil conflict remembered in these historical signposts was a uniquely American event in which we ALL had someone who suffered! 
The civil war was about slavery as well as states rights, and about who and how this country would be “ruled”……we must honestly admit that. And the truth is, we became a better nation because of all the sacrifices made in those days!  
BUT, don’t see “Dixie” as glorification of the once embraced system of slavery! I know of no one personally who does so, NO ONE WHO EMBRACES THE OLD IDEAS OF SLAVERY! (To do so is not only unAmerican but nonChristian! We are to love our neighbor as ourselves; to do unto others as we would do unto ourselves….) Most of the old remembrances of the Ole South are of a simpler way of life, AND, remembering those who, right or wrong in their ideological stances of he day, were nonetheless, our forefathers who walked this land before us! The truth is, there’s NO sin in remembering the hundreds of thousands of all Americans who gave their lives during the darkest days of our nation’s history! We must NEVER forget our history and what we learned from it!
NO ONE READING THIS was ever a slave, nor was I ever a slave owner. Let’s stop treating one another as if WE ARE THE ONES who actually committed those sins of the past!
Let your OFFENSE be of those who wish you or our nation harm in the present hour! 

Thank God for the remembrances of AND for the distance we’ve come from ALL the days of our nation’s past!

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