This is why you have MY scorn

Obama also argued that some of the scorn directed at him personally stems from the fact that he is the first African-American to hold the White House.
Mr. Obama, sir, your race has NOTHING TO DO with the “scorn” directed at you! YOU ARE THE ONLY OERSON THAT EVER BRINGS UP YOUR RACE! You are such a narcissistic, self centered man!

My scorn is about your unexplainable promotion and protection of Muslims who are bent on killing us.
My scorn is based on your incredibly immoral love for the killing of innocent unborn babies, and then the protecting those who sell their dead body parts and their little severed heads for sordid gain!
My scorn for you is based on your exploitation of the race issues of this country. I had HIGH HOPES for you, that as the first African American President you would heal race problems. But instead, you have exacerbated them more than any white President ever has!
My scorn for you is based on your scary attempts at restricting our Constitutional RIGHTS, of which I consider the most important is the freedom of religion. You are trying with all of your professional might to make our first amendment religious freedoms to be legally allowed ONLY within the four walls of our churches.  
My scorn for you is based on your incessant MOCKERY of Christianity, while praising the “beautifies” of Islam!
My scorn for you is based on your mission minded efforts at promoting what God our creator has declared to be an abomination! And then, your using the forces of the Federal Government against those who disagree with you!
My scorn is based on the fact that you approve of the IRS using their immense powers against conservative groups who oppose you in an absolutely Constitutional way! It is based on your illegal use of the powers of the Federal Government as a weapon against those you consider your enemies!
My scorn is based on your misguided, driven attempt to take away from me my Constitutional RIGHT to keep and bear arms! You know, as all anarchists before you, that an armed populace is an uncontrollable people!
My scorn is based on an abundance of other things, Sir!  
I would have a similarly unmitigated scorn for a WHITE MAN as well, if he had done to this great nation what you’ve done in the last 7 years!
Stop your victimization of blacks just because they’re black! That unjust racial attitude left the rest of us about 40 years ago!

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