I’m Glad You Asked

A new friend of mine that I had lost touch with contacted me today by email.  Dean Obeidallah, a muslim comedian/political commentator/broadcaster was a gentleman I met a couple of years ago when I was with the AFA.

Dean wrote and asked if I would explain to him what the “Gay Agenda” was since he was having trouble understanding what we conservatives meant by it.  He is writing an upcoming article for the web site, The Daily Beast, and wanted my comments.

I want to simply reproduce for you here the letter I sent Dean in answer to his question.  Enjoy!




Wow, it gives me great pleasure to have you contact me once again. I’ve always enjoyed talking with you.
Truthfully however, I don’t have any allusions that you’re in an honest search to know and understand the “other side” of this issue and report any defense of what you might find. Please don’t be offended by that, it’s just that I know Ideologically, you are proGay rights and aren’t really interested in protecting or promoting the “Christian” worldview on these matters, which is what I would try to faithfully represent.  BUT, having said that, you have always been kind enough to ask and mostly fair in the dialogue, and for that I am grateful and certainly willing to respond.
Let me also recognize that I wouldn’t personally have had a voice in this matter at all on a national level if not for my prior relationship with the AFA/AFR. So, as one who is no longer representative of that organization, please understand that my comments are my own.
I think when someone speaks of the “Gay Agenda”, they are referencing the desires and supposed victories by those who are headlining the effort toward so called “gay equality”.
For example:  The “Victories” listed by the HRC.org website, give great insight into what the “activists” are fighting for.
(Great short definition of the “Gay Agenda” = what are the activists fighting to see done).
Here’s a partial list of their “Victories”:
1) Presidential endorsement and influence and financial participation to get gay friendly presidential candidates elected.  So, we would see that as the homosexual community attempting to influence and use national politics to gain the agenda items they cherish.
2) Defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act.  They refer to the, “massive field and lobbying effort in 2004, coupled with a $1 million TV, print and online ad campaign, effectively communicated the message that the (DOMA) was discriminatory and unnecessary and would undermine the Constitution”!! How can so many allude that there is NO “Gay Agenda” when you have the activist groups making such grandiose statements about their focused efforts?
3) Hate Crimes.  They brag about getting Obama to sign the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law. This is one of two areas that I am most concerned about.  If, for instance, you kill a man, there are dire consequences for doing so, as there should be.  But now, if you kill a man and someone can prove that you had distaste or dislike for that man because he was gay, now, we can take the punishment to a new level, as if life in prison or the death penalty wasn’t harsh enough.  This law does ONLY one thing, and that one thing is at the heart of the so called “agenda”:  It makes homosexuals a super class of Americans and gives them a protected status as that super class that other Americans cannot claim. Period.  It is one way that they can get the government to super delineate them as a protected class of people simply because of their sexual preferences, and make the homosexual cause a new “civil rights” venue.  Though the law speaks to hate crimes against someone due to their “race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability”, it is easily understood by all as a bill simply designed to protect “gender, sexual orientation and gender Identity” and by their inclusion in the bill, once again, gaining from government that super protected class membership.  This is not about equality.  This is about recognition by law as a super protected class of American citizens.
4) The repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  By the efforts involved in this “victory” and the resulting chaos in the US military ranks, it is obvious that once again, the homosexual activists wanted to affect the government model by having the government once again recognize them as a super protected class, even in the highly structured environment of the Military.  They want to homosexualize the military and have succeeded well in doing so.  This is not about equality.  Gays were allowed to serve and unless they brought their sexual preferences to the forefront, were seldom bothered.  Oh sure, there are stories and exceptions.  Christians have been discriminated against as well, in MANY instances!
Discrimination against someone because of their religion has long been a standard of protection in most societies, most especially in the goals of the formation of the New Republic of the United States.  But to elevate sexual preference to the same protected status that religion has enjoyed, when those same sexual practices were by law illegal in many instances unto just a few years ago, is an aberration of the protection process!
These are just a few  of the victories listed by the hrc.org organization.  There were more.  Other groups list the same and other “victories”.  As I said earlier, the “victories” listed by the activists groups are a GREAT indicator of what is the so called gay “agenda”.
There are some other issues that bother people like me that happen to be in the news right now that CLEARLY demonstrate my points.
The AZ law, now vetoed by Governor Brewer, that would have protected Christian (or other religious business owners) from being discriminated against or harmed if they, because of their religious convictions, were not willing to participate with their business with homosexual promoted events.  Now the public and the “Gay activists” are all over this as discriminatory toward gays.  But in reality, this law was geared to PROTECT people like the Christian florists, bakers, bed and breakfast business owners who have suffered dramatically for refusing their service in support of gay marriage which they deeply oppose due to their Biblical convictions!  It’s not about equality or nondiscrimination toward consumers.  It’s about protecting the religious consciences and rights of the business owners.  There has ALWAYS been the right of refusal of service in the business arena.  You have businesses now posting “No Weapons Allowed” signs on their doors to keep out the concealed carried folk.  How is that not discrimination against the American Citizen exercising their Second Amendment rights?
How is it American that a baker who did not want to participate in the promotion of a Gay Marriage by baking a wedding cake for two gays, simply because he was a Christian and believed the Bible commanded against such things, how is it American that he and his family get fined, run out of business and lose it all simply because they didn’t want to support the homo cause?  You see, it’s not “Equality”. It’s search and destroy those who aren’t with us!
This is where people like me hold the views that we do regarding the supposed “agenda”.  Simple “equality” is NOT the goal of the gay activists.  They want total domination in some cases; they want super protected status granted by the government; they want us all to not just “accept them” but to bow to them and their wants.  There’s no other way to explain why a gay couple would work to destroy a Christian Baker who has personal, religious objections to lending support to a gay marriage, rather than just going to one of the many other gay friendly bakers in town!
ENDA, passed by the Senate and I pray to God not passed by the House is another slam of the gay activists down our throats as it were of their “agenda”.  Despite all of the assurances from these activists, ENDA will be their government sponsored assault against the Christian churches who have fought their “agenda” for so long.  When a secretarial job, janitor job, or staff position comes open at a church, they, the sexually different, will be forced upon such churches or else those churches will be fined, or at worse, lose their tax exempt status!  Don’t you doubt it.  I was told by one gay activist that I was crazy for saying this because no gay person would want to work for a Christian church that didn’t support them.  A simplistic look at the history of this subject will show that those are the very places they will try to exert themselves. And under ENDA, they will finally have the force of law on their side to make it happen!
So, super protected class of citizens; government sponsored force into their lives of their agenda and wants; legal punishment for Christians and Christian churches that oppose their participation; recognition of gayism as the new “Civil Rights” issue of our time (something that should offend every black or American of color!!).  These are the basic issues that the ACTIVISTS DO agendize and plan for and work for and spend for.
We may disagree with WHAT the Gay Agenda is.  But there is no intellectually honest debate left to be had as to whether or not there IS a Gay Agenda.  There is one, and all one must do to quantify it is to read their literature, their victories list, and where they spend their money to see exactly what makes up that agenda.
Again, thank you my friend for contacting me.  I hope that I have not personally offended you with any of my words for I have no desire to do so at all.  And contrary to the hundreds of tweets and emails I get calling me every vile name in the book and then some alluding otherwise, I HATE no one!  I have no desire to stop two homosexuals from doing whatever it is homosexuals want to be free to do.  But I strongly object to their forcing me and other Christians into their mold, using Government to legislate against my first amendment rights, and using such efforts to destroy all of those who disagree with their “agenda” or goals.  America is not about forcing people against their convictions and destroying those who disagree with you.  That is NOT America.
God bless you and I wish you much success and a blessed 2014.
For the Master,
Buster Wilson


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