Someone needs to Reign in Biden

We learned last week that Vice President Biden’s February trip to England and Paris was staggeringly expensive.  His hotel bill from England was around $460,000. And his hotel bill from Paris was $560,000 (I’m rounding figures).  And now, today, the Weekly Standard reveals again that the Paris LIMO BILL was nearly $322,000!

And don’t give me the, “He’s VP and must travel and needs lots of staff and security….”  Those were nightly bills.  And I thought that the VP had a VP type of “beast” vehicle to ride around in?

Extravagance! And we hear that the FIrst Family has taken yet ANOTHER expensive vacation!

Mr. President, when you lecture the country about, “Shared sacrifice….” the lack of credibility due to your administration’s hypocrisy is astounding!

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