Thank You! Thank You!

I am so thankful for most the recent posts about me, your humble radio minister!

My Google Alerts have been a’buzz today because so many of those unknown, pro-homosexual bloggers get excited when they get new material from their sole source, Right Wing Watch. And even today, one of them posted my picture! Yay! (Like they’re revealing my confidential identity or something! Don’t tell them I have a whole page of pics at my FaceBook site! I enjoy watching them act like they discovered something!)


I wrote last week that the pro-homosexual bloggers, and such, really were the meanest, most hateful people in the world! Even though the southern poverty law center has “designated” the AFA as an “official” hate group!

But with EVERY SINGLE BLOG ABOUT ME, with every single post, you guys PROVE ME RIGHT! I love it.

Like this gal who posted my picture…..(She posted it at Investor’s Hub??? Whatever!). She did her best to insult me by saying I was a “closeted gay man”! I mean, just watch them! The nastiness is thick!

And one guy said that all I knew to do was write run on sentences and that all I had was the exclamation key because I used it so much, and I mean, whoa, I just can’t believe someone would speak such mean things to me about me!!!

Thanks guys. I love the validation.

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