My Response to the Pro-Gay Attacks of the Past Week

Last thursday I invited Ed Vitagliano of the AFA Journal to talk about his article that he’d written in the latest Journal about polygamy. Ed and I got into a discussion about the logic of the same sex marriage agenda and what the full effect of those arguments would be on other sexual and marriage issues such as polygamy and polyamorism. I made a simple statement about something I’d seen on a reality TV show. That statement has set off a firestorm of angry, name calling vitriol from the left and it’s supporters of same sex marriage. Let’s play that clip so you can hear the exchange between our resident Italian and myself. And then afterwards, I want to address some of the comments that have been published about my remarks.


Ok, now that you’ve heard it, let me restate and clarify what I DID actually say. I have been sliced and diced by the homosexuals for saying something I didn’t say. I DID NOT SAY that I assumed the acceptance of same sex marriage could POSSIBLY open the door to all manner of weirdness like “taboo loves”. I did NOT say that it was MY opinion that the door would be flung open wide for polygamist and taboo lovers. What I DID do, was simply report that THEY ARE ALREADY SAYING THESE THINGS! Those who are polygamist and taboo lovers are already saying that they want to marry their loves. They are already using the logic AND the legal arguments that same sex proponents are using to argue that they should have the right to marry whom or whatever they desire. Let me be clear, for Right Wing Watch and others who are taping this show even as I speak: I DON’T “BELIEVE” PEOPLE WILL USE THE GAY AGENDA’S ARGUMENTS TO JUSTIFY MARRYING THEIR MULTIPLE LOVES OR THEIR TABOO LOVES. THEY ALREADY


It’s simply amazing! I’ve had no less than 10 different pro-homosexual blogs and websites attack me for, in their estimation, having said that if we allow gay marriage people will be marrying buildings and cars. AGAIN, I didn’t say that MY logic and opinion was such. I said THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO ARE SAYING IT.

A little side note here; AFA has been called a “certified hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. We’re in good company. They designated FRC and Focus on the Family as hate groups as well! Now as far as I know, we’ve NEVER taken the names or works of any of these guys connected with whom I’m talking about and called them filty names. But they have called me and this ministry names that I cannot mention here. I don’t use language like they’ve used and this radio network is dedicated to the glory of God, so, I chose NOT to speak as they have spoken. AND YET, WE ARE THE HATERS! We are called a certified hate group, as if there were some test we could take down at the DMW and get a license to officially hate people! We are the ones called intolerant! And yet, they are the name callers, they are the most hateful, hate filled writers at least, that you’ll ever know. It’s absolutely amazing.

Back to the people marrying cars and buildings.

That’s what they have all flipped out about. That’s why my simple comments last thursday have gone viral. But the context of what I said last Thursday WAS to simply agree with Ed Vitagliano! He siad that the logic assumed by the homosexual activists would be used by polygamists and taboo lovers. In fairness to him, his article wasn’t about that, but the tense of his piece fairly led to the discussion that ensued. The fact is, I KNOW that those kinds of people in our society ARE already using the logic of the same sex marriage proponents. I’d heard them do so with my own ears. That’s why I brought up the reality TV series that showed taboo lovers. There was one woman who had a passionate love for a building. She was in love with a building! Now, you and I can appreciate great architecture. But this woman perceived of this building as her lover. (I know, this is a horrible subject and I wish I could be talking about something else. But thanks to the morally sick and sin sick culture we live in, it’s incumbent upon us to respond. That’s what we’re called to do.) Anyway, she loved this building AS she would love a husband and spoke of wanting to marry her love! The other example was the man who was in love with his Volkswagen Beetle – a car! He spoke of how much he loved his car and how, after washing and waxing her, he wanted to, well, he wanted to marry the car. In both stories, with both objects of taboo love, the subjects in each story were shown kissing their loves, the building and the car, and hugging them and talking about how desperately they wanted to marry their loves.

My point in sharing all of this is to PROVE the simple reality of what I said on last Thursday’s broadcast: THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY USING THE ARGUMENTS OF THE PROGAY ACTIVISTS TO ALSO OPEN THE DOOR TO OTHER ABBERANT SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS, like MARRYING A BUILDING OR A CAR. They have called me all manner of names and said that I was absolutely crazy for thinking such an odd thing. Let me be clear one more time (because, apparently it takes several times for RWW and others to simply get it!) I WAS SIMPLY REPORTING WHAT OTHERS ARE ALREADY SAYING these things! Thus, for me to say that approving gay marriage could open the door to other aberrant options for marriage, does NOT make me crazy… makes me FACTUALLY TRUE!

Now, beyond that, they’ve thrown out the illogicalness of what I said. I’ve had great lectures about marriage being a contract between two consenting individuals, and since a building or a car cannot consent, then what I was speaking of could never happen. What a buffoon I am, didn’t I know that? Doesn’t matter. You heard me, be sure to get this on your blog. It doesn’t matter how you argue away the concept. PEOPLE ARE STILL USING THE PRO-GAY MARRIAGE ARGUMENTS TO ARGUE FOR MARRING WHOEVER AND WHATEVER. That’s the truth. Or, as Paul Harvey used to say, and That’s the rest of the of the story!

I will confess though, it’s quite flattering to know that what we say here from this ministry is considered so dangerous by those who reject the wisdom of God’s Word. I wish all of you would go to and learn of the One we celebrate at Christmas. But I warn you, You could fall in love with the precious son of God, and that would rock your world far more than anything I could say.


One thought on “My Response to the Pro-Gay Attacks of the Past Week

  1. WARNING!!!
    This comment contains vulgarity. But I wanted you all to see how skitzo these dear folks are. After repeatedly taking my Bible and telling me how much of a lying fantasy it is, he then chastises me for not living up to the precepts of that Bible. Please pray for this individual, for this person is typical of many, many who write me!

    WARNING!! Vulgar language just ahead.

    The Earth is our mother, do you not understand? For you to say that to worship the creation instead of the creator is false, is actually false. The Earth nurtures us every day of our lives, and has for every human being since the beginning of time. Without the Sun and the Moon, no live could exist on this planet. These celestial entities do more for us than any god of any religion, save maybe Buddha. To chastise the Earth is to ridicule one’s own existence. You’re a fucking fascist. Christ teaches tolerance of all people, and to belittle gay people just because inside you’re actually gay, is pathetic. In the same paragraph where the Bible states no man shall lay with another man, it also says to never eat lobster, to not wear clothes with more than one fiber, and to not associate or touch a woman when she is having her period. Christ preached love, not hate. This is why people don’t like Christians anymore because you’re actually not Christians. That term implies you follow the teachings of Christ, which you don’t. You follow the teaching of King James, really. You all read the new testament but overlook the old. You can’t pick and choose what you believe in the bible. It’s either all or nothing. Why would a righteous and all loving god allow evil to exist? I’m sure your answer will be free will, but Romans 8:20 states that “Creation was condemned to lose its purpose, not of its own free will, but because God willed it so.” So right there, using your own religious text that argument is refuted. If God made the Earth for Humans, why would he make it 70% salt water? How could a just God make wrath a sin, and then back it up with “the wrath of God?”, How could God make everything from nothing, and then need Adam’s rib to make one more thing? God put Adam and Eve in a situation that demanded the knowledge of right and wrong, without giving Adam and Eve that knowledge. Heh, what is that? Can’t you see all of the fallacies? Christ preached love and tolerance, not bigotry and hate. The bible is just the word of man, not the word of God. Your religious fanaticism and fervor will come to an end soon. The age of Pisces is ending, and the age of Aquarius is almost upon us, this ushers forth a new golden age for man, an age of tolerance. You should be ashamed of yourself for taking Jesus’s wisdom and convoluting it to fit the evil inside of yourself. God is not real, Satan is not real. Do not believe in heaven and hell as physical places or externally fixed conditions of the soul. The use of these terms by previous manifestations attempt to explain an abstract or spiritual condition as physical fact instead of spiritual analogues. God represents the innate ability for goodness in humanity. Proximity to this goodness should be portrayed as heaven, remoteness as hell. The figure of Satan is not a literal being, but a personification of selfishness and willfulness that deters spiritual growth. Heaven and Hell are attainable levels of state and mind, not habitable places. You people sicken me, you preach love and understanding and patience, but all you contribute to this world is hate, intolerance, and greed. Just remember that Jesus said it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for the rich man to enter the kingdom.

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