AFA boycott of Movie Gallery began five years after Rick Perry sold his stock

The media, including even the international press, has accused Texas Gov. Rick Perry of hypocrisy for holding stock in a company that the American Family Association was boycotting because it sold porn.

The AFA sponsored “The Response,” the August 6 day of prayer and fasting initiated by Gov. Perry at Houston’s Reliant Stadium, an event attended by 35,000 Americans deeply concerned about the spiritual health of this nation.

Here are the facts with regard to Movie Gallery.

As the media has widely reported, Rick Perry purchased between $5,000 and $10,000 of stock in Movie Gallery in 1995. He sold his stock that same year.

The American Family Association only became aware of Movie Gallery’s porn sales in the summer of 2000, and did not launch its boycott of Movie Gallery until November 11, 2000.

Thus Mr. Perry had divested himself of Movie Galley stock long before its involvement in the sale of pornography was even on the AFA’s radar, and five years before AFA launched its public boycott.

Tim Wildmon, president of AFA, said, “The media has taken a grossly unfair and gratuitous shot at Gov. Perry. This represents sloppy reporting at its worst. A simple call to AFA could have clarified the timeline for anyone interested in reporting the objective truth. This is the ultimate non-story, and every media outlet that carried this slander owes the governor an apology.”

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