My Wonderful Life

I want to personally thank Durick Hayden for his continued, once again, outstanding leadership in guiding us through the planning and setup of sharathon execution.  
Thanks to TALK and TRL for working so well together.  Thank you Rick and Jim for working so very hard.  
Thanks to NEW MEDIA for working so diligently, so interestingly, getting camera’s up, wiring computers, setting up accounting systems!  
Thanks to data processing for the tireless work they are about to do.  
Thanks to the production team. The beauty of the theater of the mind that they are about to unleash upon all our auditory canals will linger for days.  Thank you Pat for the endless hours here of late.
Thanks to people like Sherrie and Deanna who do things behind the scene that you wouldn’t believe.  
Thanks to Cindy and Jan for countless contacts and priceless interviews, getting us connected with the movers and shakers that show the world we’re first rate and know that of which we talk about.  
Thanks to Matt, Dan, Marvin, Herman, Ray, Tim, Fred, Ed, Bryan, Alex, Tim, Crane, JJ, Ron, Meeke, John, Terry, Rick, Jim, and anyone else who has ever been behind a mic to reach out and touch our listening audience from the network level with a heart of ministry.  
Thanks to everyone, too many to mention by name, that sit at a sound board, a video controller, the call screeners, and the videographers, and all who make our networks the most unique on the planet…..thank you! 
Thanks to Jacob, Don, Scott, Devin, and all the web ‘masters’ who do astounding things on these little black boxes. 
To our local managers who have done tirelessly things that books could be written about; to their staffs, their air talent, and marketing staffs; our thanks.  
I have tears in my eyes at this moment as I sit on the eve of this first sharathon that somewhat sits a bit on my shoulders (the new mantra: “Blame it on Buster!”) and realize what amazing people I have the privilege of working with and for!  God has truly blessed us.  You are amazing.  I love you and I thank you with all my heart.  I know that God will give us an amazing crop from the amazing seed you’ve all sown.
And how we all love brother Don for starting this amazing journey 33 years ago and somehow allowing us to jump on board with him!  What a privilege it is to be a part of this particular story that no one else is writing.  To be able to say that we have had the chance to be a part in this amazingly powerful, national dialogue, all because of this one man’s faithfulness and gutsiness, well…..powerful to story to tell our grandkids!  
And to Tim, for taking his dad’s bat and continuing to swing with power and might for the new century.  He is truly leading us with courage and strength.  It’s actually fun to watch, it’s exciting to be a part of, and frankly, it’s chilling to see how God is using THEM and allowing us to be a small part of it all with them.
Thanks also to the board of directors who truly are taking part in the direction of this ministry.  Overseeing it’s steps, watching it’s reach, measuring it’s stretch.  Backing us up with their support and their wisdom.
Most of all, I know everyone joins me in thanking the Lord Jesus Christ for giving us all a reason to get up and get here at all.  Thank you Lord.  Your love, Oh Lord; it reaches to the heavens….
I love you.  Thank you.
Let’s get in the game……………
Brother Buster

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