Unbelievable Hypocrisy!

The President has once again done the unbelievable!

Last week, the President went on national television to explain how he was going to “handle” the Gulf Oil spew (it wasn’t a “spill” but a spew).  His answer to this pressing problem?  Cap the well?  NOPE!  Clean up the Spill?  NOPE! Empower those who could do those tasks? NOPE!

His great answer came in two parts;  FIRST, he would “MAKE” BP put up $20 billion dollars in an escrow account so that those suffering loss on the Gulf would be assured of repayment by them.  SECONDLY, he would implement the now famed Cap and Tax (err, Trade, scuse me!) global warming legislation that has stalled in the Senate for nearly a year!

In other words, his answer to the Gulf Oil spew was to manhandle a bunch of money out of another private company (Wow! this admin is about as money and power crazy as any we’ve ever known!), and to use the crisis of the oil spew to get accomplished something that he knew he would never otherwise get accomplished.  The now famous dictate of chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel (“never waste a crisis….)

The other aspect to his oil spew solution was this:  To implement by Presidential edict that ALL oil drilling, new licenses and future exploration of oil sites, be in moratorium (cease to act) for the next six months!

Here’s the logic of the President’s decision:  Drilling at 5000 feet (deep well drilling) is far too dangerous for us to be attempting.  There are no other oil fields left for us to explore or drill except those deep well sites, which are, obviously, too dangerous! So, let’s stop it for 6 months, until we can at that time decide to stop it indefinitely.

There is a gigantically illogical reason for this decision of his, AND a HUGE hypocritical reason.

Illogically, taking such an action to stop all drilling, exploration and such will literally cripple the economies of those Gulf states that have much of their economy built upon the oil industry.  This economic destruction will land on top of the already destructive forces being set in motion by the SPEW itself.

The HYPOCRISY of his decision, and the main reason for this post, is this.  The president determines that deep well drilling at 5000 feet is too dangerous for us to continue…….ALL THE WHILE GIVING (as economic aide) TO THE NATION OF BRAZILE TWO BILLION DOLLARS TO DRILL, on average, AS DEEP AS 22 THOUSAND FEET!!!

One more interesting FACT:  That state owned Brazilian Oil company (Petrobra) that is receiving the $2 billion from Obama’s administration, has a very big time investor that is known by the president, someone who’s actually a GOOD friend of the President:  George Soros. 

Interesting, huh?  HYPOCRISY.  God help us!

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