GREAT Weekend Ahead!!

I’m super excited about the weekend ahead!

First, all of my immediate family is going to be in my household TONIGHT (Friday 10/23/09)!  Matt, Amberly, and the GrandBOY, Wilson Franklin Collins, as well as son-in-law number two, Duane (Uncle D) and Whitney will all be here this weekend. 

The occasion?  Sunday morning I will get the privilege of doing what has been termed in my church, “baby dedication”.  That is, I will assist Wil Franklin’s mom, dad, and the other two grandparents along with my Pat, in the dedication of Wil Franklin to the Lord Jesus Christ for the rest of his life. 

About two to three times a year, I get the joy of helping parents dedicate their “babies” to the Lord.  The biggest day of dedication is normally on Mother’s Day each year.  Well, Wil Franklin will be one year old this Thanksgiving Day, just over a month from now.  So, why have we waited so long to do this deed?

I believe that the father is the King/Priest of his home, set aside by God as the leader and spiritual head of his family.  Matt, Wil’s dad, has been in church all his life and a dedicated Christian believer since his college days, and Amberly who’s grown up in the church oriented, Christ centered home of your’s truly, they wanted to wait on Wil’s dedication until he and Amberly got their church membership moved to their current church fellowship.  That having been accomplished in the last few weeks, they have called upon dear ole “DahDaddy” to help them set apart their firstborn to the Master!

We will truly be privileged to also have present with us in the worship service, Matt’s parents, Jan and Gail Collins, Matt’s brother and sister-in-law, his grandmother and her best friend, his aunt and a few others that are special to the dedicatee of honor! 

I will be under the spiritual “gun” from all sides with tremendous expectation to handle the service with deep theological finesse and emotional clarity.  Yeah, right!  I will probably be able to only get the first few words out of my mouth before I go into a slobbering blob of happiness, joy and emotional freakiness! But, that’s OK, I won’t be alone.

So, if you’re looking for a really sweet place to worship the Lord Jesus this Sunday where the Spirit will be warm and blessed and the people will the friendliest you’ll ever meet, then join us this Sunday morning at 11 at the Friendship Church, Ecru.

We’re dedicating a special little boy on that day!

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