Renewed Vision For the Church!

God has given your pastor a renewed vision for the church.  Renewed in the sense that there’s NEW PASSION, NEW IDEAS, NEW HOPES AND DREAMS, and NEW UNCTION!

Recently, I had the chance to reread a book that I obtained at my last visit to Abba’s House and the Fresh Oil New Wine conference.  It was a book written on ministry and the vibrant church by pastor Tommy Barnett of the Arizona and LA “Dream Center” churches.

Here’s some of the ideas that Pastor Tommy related in the book that caught your pastor’s attention:

1. Saturday Soul Winning: I know that not many people care about going out and doing community soul winning, but anyone who is willing to give it a shot could cause a revival to break out!  Remember, the COMMISSION of the church is to GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL TO ALL CREATURES……. Going out on Saturdays and trying to win souls should be our number one goal!

2. Trump up the Deacon Family Ministry: We have a great group of deacons and a great congregation that needs direct ministry.  There is a wonderful deacon family ministry plan that our deacons looked at years ago……then we got into a multi-million dollar building program!  Need I say more? But we are going to revive that tremendous ministry, soon!

3. COPS Ministry: We are so blessed to have within our congregation the Sheriff of our county, a couple of deputy’s and the departmental chaplain! What a great foundation for building a ministry to the Law Enforcement Officers in our area!  COPS stands for Christian Officers Publically Serving. Pray for a great ministry to men and women of the front lines, protecting us from the lawlessness of our society!

4. Street Ministry:  Our pastor is known for taking a 12 foot wooden Cross around the state.  He knows how to do “street evangelism” and we need to capitalize on that!   I envision taking a “crew” of fired up witnesses for Christ into various different towns in North East Mississippi and blitzing the streets with a powerful witness of Jesus Christ.

5. Hospital and Jail Ministry: We need a team of volunteers to go into the hospitals and jails of our community and share the love of Jesus Christ with those who are hurting and suffering.

6. An Intercessory Prayer Ministry: We need to provide a prayer ministry email address that anyone can write in and share their deepest needs for our prayer teams to intercede before God on their behalf!

7. Prayer Chain: Our church needs a prayer chain that can start and go around until completion with the prayers of those who call or email us.

8. Men’s Discipling Ministry: We NEED SPIRITUALLY STRONG MEN IN JESUS!!  Pastor is going to start a MasterLife type ministry for men to grow in their faith and become spiritual leaders for this church and community.

9. Healing Rooms: We believe in James 5 and the call to pray for the sick don’t we?  So, we are going to start a once a week time for anyone to come to our church and visit our Healing Rooms.  There, our prayer warriors of FAITH will share the healing Scriptures with them, anoint them with oil and pray the prayer of faith over them.


10. Biker Church: Why not?? We have about 15 people in our church who ride bikes and the biker community in our area is about 80-200 strong.  Let’s open up our church to do church for them, their way!  We could do it once or twice a month on Saturdays, Sunday afternoons, or as the Lord leads us.

I’ve been inspired to DREAM! I am excited about how God IS using our church and how He WILL lead our church in the days ahead.  DREAM with me, get the vision for yourself.  Get excited in these last days of serving our Lord Jesus!

See you on the other side of the DREAM.

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