I am beginning to understand a bit more…..

OK, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written.   But now,  I’m back!

This past week, I had a chance to attend a conference that dealt with the receiving of stimulus package money, or as the official title is, money distributed from the American Recovery and Renewal Act of 2009. 

What I learned at this conference has so frightened me that I feel I now have to share it with everyone I know.

I will not tell you which conference I was at nor on whose behalf I was there.  That doesn’t matter.  But the details I learned there has made the rumors of conspiracy transform into fact of reality that make this “debate” about the government and what they’ve been doing with our economy the last 10 months take on new life!

I say “facts” because the conference wasn’t hosted by my state’s Auditor department, but the State Auditor himself and his staff did speak to us and lay out the “current” rules that are in place for using and reporting the use of stimulus money.  So, what I share here is NOT conspiracy, NOT speculation, but FACT.  Facts that garner answers to many of the questions I’ve had yet unanswered.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve learned.

IF you receive one dollar of the stimulus money that was issued back in February, you have given over to the Federal Government (ei: Barack Hussein Obama) complete control of your business or entity!  Complete control!

If you receive stimulus money, that gives the government the RIGHT to come into your business/school/entity and have complete and open access to your books, to your business model, and to change, CHARGE, or manage your business in a way of their choosing.

If you receive stimulus money, that gives the government the RIGHT to opine about your pay scale and wages/bonus packages of your employees.  If you use the money, you MUST pay the congressional demand of minimum wages and your salary packages could be up for review….. AKA the Wall Street/Banking/Auto industry “Pay Czar” stuff you hear in the news right now!

Consider if you are a school district like the one my wife teaches in and have received stimulus money.  The control that is given the government by this bill, could open the door for them to dictate to the local school district and school board the curriculum you teach.  Not “queering” up your elementary enough to suit the fed’s?  They could use this kind of control to dictate that you do.  End of story. 

Contained within the stimulus package is the “Buy American” act.  Sounds good, huh? Everyone would agree that we need to buy American as much as we can.  But here’s the rub:  They get to decide what’s “American”.  Their idea of what’s American does include some “exceptions”, such as products and services that come from about 8 other countries. But again, THEY decide.  IF, for instance, you use stimulus money to do a construction project, and you don’t use the paint they want you to use, (your paint choice wasn’t “American” enough, they might say) you will have to rip out what you’ve done and redo it with THEIR choice — at YOUR expense!

Are you starting to get the picture? What I’m beginning to understand a bit more is 1) Why they wanted to get the package passed and the money “out there” and spent as quickly as possible; and, 2) Their agenda.

Think about it.  A bill this large with this much money and these kinds of rules, penalties, and regulations that take that much control over the lives of every day Americans, could NOT have been written, as they would have us believe, in the span of a month and a half.  This bill with all of its provisions, controls, demands and shades of intrusion, has obviously been written for years!  This package has been sitting in someone’s desk drawer just waiting for the right out of whack, dis-balance of power in our government to happen so that they could implement it without meaningful resistance!

This bill gives the federal government the obsolute complete control over the American people and our way of life like none of our founding fathers would have ever even imagined!

There is a huge, slobbering mouth of sharp and ready to chomp teeth attached to this bill as well.  In the words of my state Auditor’s lunch time speech, “I hope we scare you to death today, cause you need to be very afraid!” This was his way of encouraging us to get the rules and follow them implicitedly, but his words held a deeper meaning for me!

Here’s why: The OIG (Office of Inspector General) has something like $2.4 billion dollars alloted to it in the package.  They did not give the OIG this amount of money to install new drapes in their D.C. offices!  The IG has to justify this money somehow, so they are GOING after people with a vengeance!  They have informed state governments that they will proactively and progressively and aggressively pursue fraud and abuse of the money given out in this bill. 

“What’s wrong with that”, you may ask?  Certainly we want to attack and rid ourselves of fraud and abuse, right? 

Well, here’s the deal:  Remember how rushed they were to get the money OUT THERE and SPENT?  They did so without putting the rules for usage and reporting out first!  They gave the money to be spent first and then, in some cases (one in my home state) when the project using the money has already reached completion, they come forth with the rules for the usage after the fact!  And IF you didn’t conduct yourself according to the rules, you will be invested and possibly prosecuted for fraud and mismanagement of federal funds! 

There’s a highway project in my state, the first in the nation to be completed with stimulus funds, that is under review for some form of abuse, because they didn’t bid contracts as the language of the law states they must.  Ignore the FACT that the language of the law as to how they should bid those contracts came out after the money was distributed and the state was urged to spend it!!

Forget the fact that you didn’t have the rules.  Doesn’t matter.  And get this……the Inspector General has a video on YOU TUBE encouraging the public to become (in his words) “citizen IG’s” (inspector generals) and report to the OIG any suspected misuse or fraud of the funds!  The OIG has told state officials that ANY complaint from the “front line defense” of citizens reporting to the OIG suspected fraud or misuse, will be treated as valid complaints and an investigation will be opened, unless proven otherwise. And NO ONE will be prosecuted for fraudulent reporting unless clearly proven otherwise as well!  There are very strict “whistle blower” protections in the bill.  Can anyone say “the brown shirt brigades” are coming?

Again, the OIG must justify the large sum of money they’ve received from the package.  They’re gonna find someone to prosecute!  They will definitely find someone to investigate!  Forget whether or not you’ve actually mishandled federal funds; can you envision the impact of the front page headlines about being the subject of a federal investigation in the mishandling of stimulus funds?

And forget the fact that no where in the constitution, the platform and foundation of our government’s standard of operation, no where is there to be found any authority for the government to take this kind of control over our every day lives!

This is their agenda.  They have simply waited for the opportunity to have the Executive, Legislative, and soon, Judicial branches under their control in order to implement such an unAmerican way of governing.  They have garnered such immense control under the guise of stimulating a dying economy, which is itself, nothing short of a lie.  For once you understand the restrictions and controls and penalties of using the stimulus money, you understand that the cure expected by doing business with the Federal government is more costly than the disease!

I know, I know.  I can hear you now….”Well that’s just for those who use the stimulus money.  If you don’t use the money, they don’t have the control.  And besides that, if the government gives you that much money, they should have the right to control how it’s used.”

Listen, control how it’s used would not have motivated me to write a blog post.  But this control is a control that opens the door to ultimate control.  And they’re talking about issuing another stimulus.  Why?  Because the first one has worked so well?  Yes!  NOT in stimulating the economy (unemployment continues to grow exponentially) but in the control that it’s given the government over our lives….and in the way it has ushered in the societal change that the liberals have wanted for so long;  fundamental change of our nation;  morphing into something that is far more bizarre than anything we’ve ever dreamed of being.

And I haven’t even begun to write about the issues of control that are surely coming with the complete government take over of the entire health care system.  (Yes, the President has chided us for using such terminology in our criticism of what his administration is doing.  But, he has come around and demonstrated since such chiding, that he is indeed doing just that:  commandeering the conplete government control of all healthcare issues!)

What’s the outcome and what are we to do?  Is it too late? Can we ever recover and return to the America that was the America of our fathers?  Honestly, I don’t think so.  No, I’m NOT a dooms-day nut, nor am I a pessimist who flops around with no joy to spare.  But I am a realist and a Bible believer.  The Bible says that times will get worse before the Lord’s return, which by the way, I believe is at hand!  But I believe the enemies of freedom have waited for decades and decades to obtain the opportunity to morph America into the Euro styled, somewhat less than free vision that we see being ushered upon us today.  And such implantation of “progressive” desire shall not soon be uprooted, if at all.

So what’s the answer?  The answer is what it has always been.   We should major on personal revival and deepening the experience we each have with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Get to KNOW Him and make certain that He KNOWS you (Matthew 7!) .  Fall in love with Jesus like the rest of your life, like the rest of your eternity depends on it, for indeed it does!  Share His love and grace with everyone you know.  Seek Him as the great Comforter of your soul.  See all of life through the pages of promises contained within His Word.  Walk in Faith, totally dependent on HIM and not the government, not on anyone or anything else but HIM.  And you will enjoy life everlasting both here and now and forevermore.

And, as a good citizen of this country, continue to call your representatives and express YOUR feelings about what’s happening.  Obey the Law.  Support good leaders.  Pray for them ALL.  And trust our country to God’s gracious hand!

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